What We Were Never

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“What we were never” is a website I built with a hope to spread care, love, and compassion for one another.

Growing up in America in an Asian household, I often felt a disconnect with my parents. I don't think this is any particular party's fault but rather just a combination of growing up with different lifestyles, cultures, etc.

Upon talking to others and reading similar stories online, I think also in Asian households the “love language” is different and we don’t necessarily express our appreciation and love for each other in traditional Western culture methods of words of affirmation or physical touch. And for me, as an Asian-American, growing up in the cross-section of these two very different cultures and how they express love, there was a lot of confusion and dissonance. I feel like this sentiment of an emotionally broken household is feel like many immigrant children. This website acts as a place for people to anonymously (or not anonymously) share things they wish they were able to confide in their parents with. These can be happy, sad, good or bad. I hope it acts as an outlet and that you find solace in reading the shared experiences of others.